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WWF Volunteers

Plog Run Bhopal

Under Swatchh Bharat campaign, WWF-India has partnered with United Way for the the India Plog Run being organized on 2nd Oct in 50 cities across India to spread awareness and inspire action. It is an initiative by Ramakrishna G, an advisor with United Way India and Guinness World Record holder for environmental projects on amount of trash collected. 1. The India Plog Run is being organized on 2nd Oct in 50 cities. A plog run is a marathon where participants run/walk for the cause of a cleanup. 2. Its a 3 km walk/run in which participants pick up plastic trash and bring it to a collection point 3. Participants will be encouraged to take the 11-kg challenge as part of their plog run 4. Collection agencies or recyclers will be available at the finish line of the India Plog Run to gather the plastic waste and dispose it correctly.
Fab Hotel President, Bhopal Talkies Square, Berasia Road, Bhopal.
30/9/2019 at WWF-I, MP-CG state office.
To hold the given Bags in which plastic waste will be dumped by the runners.
2 hrs
0 mins
Enthusiasm, Interest towards environment protection.
Cap, Water Bottle, Gloves.
The bag to collect the waste will be provided by the office.

Last Date to Register: 30-Sep-2019