What is Echo?


It a volunteering program for youth in colleges, with a year-long membership for the students. Registered students from each college will work on a conservation action project under the theme and help resolve an environmental issue in their college, community or city.

WWF-India will provide mentorship, support and guidance for the implementation of the project. At the end of the academic year, a national level summit will be organized, in which each college can showcase their conservation action projects and the impact made.

This will facilitate a sharing of best practices and provide a platform for recognition for the students and colleges.

Echo in Indian States

Theme For ECHO


The theme of the year 2018-19 is Plastic Pollution. As human population grows, so does our production of this cheap, durable and basically indestructible material.

Did you know, there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans by 2050? And that the equivalent of a garbage truck full of plastic enters our oceans every minute?

We believe in your power to create innovative, out-of-the-box ideas to solve the biggest problem that’s facing our planet today.

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This is a 2-day workshop that will be held in every college under Echo.

The workshop will include an in depth education on the theme of the year through movie screenings, expert talks and various interactive games and activities.

It will also include a day-long assisted brainstorming session with all Echo members in a college deciding on their project for the year, including areas and communities to be targeted, operational requirements, inclusion of all students and other details.




The Echo project is a chance for each youth to lead change in their college and community through a conservation action project around the theme implemented along with their peers in college.

The Echo project has three mandates- it must be –





The National Level Youth Summit will be a platform to showcase the most innovative, sustainable and impactful projects to the rest of the world- including industry leaders, corporates and peers.

A state-level screening will be conducted, and the best projects from each state will be showcased at the summit, with the Top 3 projects being awarded.




All type B members will be issued an Echo membership card and can avail
the following opportunities at subsidized or no cost.

*Available in select locations




  • A digital certificate for every Echo member.

  • Each college registered under Echo will be issued a Certification of Membership.

  • Selected Group Representatives shall be eligible to receive Letters of Recommendation from WWF.

  • Representation at the National Youth Summit, where teams will have a chance to showcase their projects and be recognized by various industry leaders.

  • Top 3 projects will receive Panda Trophies, Certificates of Merit, and a chance to get funded!

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