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At WWF-India, we believe in the power of young people to create change. To facilitate this, WWF-India’s Echo creates an action model for college students that encourages connecting to the environment, innovating solutions, and taking action towards a sustainable future.

Each Echo member will also be responsible for leading the way for environmental consciousness and action through the whole collegiate student body, to ensure every student gets active for the environment.

Components of Echo:

Nature Connect- Experience and conduct nature trails and workshops facilitated by WWF-India and discover nature through hands on learning in immersive sessions.

Volunteering- Be a part of WWF campaigns and volunteering projects; work with teams of volunteers and experience conservation projects in action.

Research and Investigation- Learn how to conduct audits and surveys to scientifically gauge environmental issues around you.

Echo Project- The Echo project is a concerted effort to utilize all the skills built over the year and use them to resolve an environmental issue. Over a time period of 6 months, Echo members from a college will collaborate, conceptualize and implement Echo projects with mentorship and support from WWF-India, transforming landscapes and communities.

Echo Summit:

The Echo summit is the culmination of the year’s activities, with all member colleges taking part and presenting their work. The country-wide summit will be a platform to showcase your journey, while having an opportunity to be awarded for exemplary work. It will also provide a space for interacting with counterparts from other colleges, communicating best practices and facilitating collaboration.

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